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On the 25th to 27th July 2019 leading Ruby developers from around the world will come together to share, inspire and learn.

Nairobi Kenya

25th 27th July 2019


RubyConf Kenya is an inclusive conference and as such strives to be welcoming and accessible to as many people as possible.


All the conference sessions will be held at iHub, 6th Floor, Senteu Plaza Galana/Lenana Road Junction · Nairobi



Stella Maris

Photo of Stella Maris

Stella is backend engineer at sokowatch. She also enjoys contributing to open source projects and has been a contributor to organizations such AgileVentures EBWiki and PublicLab. She is a coach at Rails Girls and really enjoys sharing what she knows with young ladies eager to learn programming. She is a free spirit, enjoys outdoor activities such as hiking and all adrenal rushing activities. Did she mention that it’s her first time speaking at a conference?

Laura Kirby

Photo of Laura Kirby

Laura is a software engineer at IBM Aspera. She is currently working on a full-stack web application that processes and manages big data. In her spare time, she volunteers for Bridge Foundry, a non-profit that aims to diversify the tech industry. When she isn’t thinking about code, she can be found practicing gymnastics or hosting friends for board games.

Purity Maina

Photo of Laura Kirby

Purity Maina is a software engineer who has been building Fintech products for the African market for the past 4 years and loving the journey. She has worked with notable companies such as World Bank, Kenya Films Board and Kenya Tourism Board to build more inclusive products for the market. She is currently working with Lipalater as a lead software engineer.Away from her computer, Purity will either be teaching children how to write code or on the lookout for collectable art pieces.

Denis Sellu

Photo of Denis Sellu

I solve problems at CookiesHQ, a technical agency based in Bristol, UK. I’m a strategy game and fantasy fiction fan, and a coconut connoisseur. Coconut doesn’t ask questions, coconut understands.

Amr Abdelwahab

Photo of Amr Abdelwahab

An African Egyptian native who crossed continents to work with his passion in digital environments. Amr's interests span technology, tech-communities, politics and politics in tech, all enriched through various software engineering roles in Egypt, Hungary and Germany.

Vishal Chandnani

Photo of Vishal Chandnani

Vishal spent most of his childhood in Dubai, UAE. He earned his Bachelor’s degree in Electronics and Telecommunications Engineering from Pune University (India) and his \Master’s degree in Electrical Engineering from Syracuse University. Vishal started his professional career at Lucent Technologies (Bell Labs Innovations), where he developed and supported software for CDMA wireless communication systems. Prior to joining Def Method, Vishal worked at The Boeing Company, where he developed and supported software for the US Government Intelligence Community. Vishal enjoys going to the beach and loves family vacations.

Paul Oguda

Photo of Paul Oguda

Paul Oguda is a Spatial Planner with bias towards Smart Cities, an autodidact Programmer who loves Ruby but plays with Elixir/Erlang , Python, and Javascript at times. Furthermore, he loves GIS and Mapping and when not playing with computers he relaxes by watching local and international football. Currently Paul works at Research Solutions Africa as a location analyst.

Raounak Sharma

Photo of Raounak Sharma

I am in the field of Web-development form past 3 years and I am loving it. Currently, I am a pursuing my undergraduation in Computer Science and working as a software developer in a company(Namyata). I provide services in Web-development and DevOps. When I am not coding you will probably find me on a football field.

Prathamesh Sonpatki

Photo of Prathamesh Sonpatki

Prathamesh is Director at BigBinary. He builds web apps using Rails and React.js!. He is interested in open source and contribute to many Ruby and Rails related projects. He is part of Rails issues team and contributes heavily to Ruby on Rails and related projects. He likes Emacs operating system a lot and can be found constantly tweaking his .emacs.d

Sigu Magwa

Photo of Sigu

An open source enthusiast who is a remote volunteer developer an open source community AgileVentures. Currently a member of Podii  - software company based in Kisumu Kenya. Previously worked remotely as a coach and developer at the Swedish based academy and company Craft Academy. Been working with Ruby on Rails for a while and has a growing interest in Elixir and Phoenix.

Itoyanagi Sakura

Photo ofItoyanagi Sakura

Ruby committer, RDoc main maintainer, and Ruby core tools contributor.

Marvin Hosea

Photo of Marvin Hosea

Marvin Collins Hosea is CEO and Founder at Apps:Lab Limited. He studied computer science at Moi University and after working for six companies, he quitted his job to run Apps:Lab Limited full time. He builds awesome stuff with PHP - Laravel, Golang, and Java at Apps:Lab. He is also an advocate for Docker and DevOps practices. Apart from working at Apps:Lab, he is passionate about building and impacting tech communities and organize Android254 and DroidConKE. Off tech and work, He delivers food at LetaFood and a failed rapper who love street food.

Michael Kimathi

Photo of Michael

Michael Kimathi has over 7 years experience working in innovative ecosystems and building solutions notably with BlackBerry Developer Community, Nairuby, Masomomoja, GDG, Unbound, University of Nairobi , StartupBlink, BantaMik and Atlassian. Currently, he is an entrepreneur learning from his past failures and developing better solutions which will impact the world we are living in. Previously, he was the Community Development Manager at C4DLab, where he worked closely with team C4DLab to develop innovation strategy, Partnership and change the University culture from the old status quo way of doing things to one at the forefront of innovation, he mentored startups, hosted events, organized entrepreneurship mechanics related talks with distinguished industry entrepreneurs.

Bernard Banta

Photo of Bernard Banta

Currently the CTO and Co-founder at Finplus. Banta is a computer scientist and an entrepreneur. He is passionate about technology and how it can be used to leverage and transform Africa in the way we live, work, play and govern. In his spare time, he'll often preside over executive and media talks on his pet subjects of entrepreneurship, innovation and transformation using technology. When it comes to building, his ultimate goal is to make the world a better place. He is an entrepreneur and an engineer on the bleeding edge of technology.


25 th to 27 th July at iHub, 6th Floor, Senteu Plaza Galana/Lenana Road Junction · Nairobi.


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